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Unless someone is seriously injured home robberies hardly make the news in South Africa anymore and security systems are very important.

Security Systems

At present, security and surveillance is a major industry in South Africa. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry operates a security systems company. It is so easy to prey on people’s fears and their need to safeguard their businesses, homes and loved ones that they become easy targets for unscrupulous sales talk promising 100% protection.

To be completely honest there is no such thing as 100% protection in today’s society. One can however make it as difficult as possible for criminals to commit a crime. Where they are being watched or are made aware that they are being watched they will think twice before committing and offence.

With Remote Offsite Monitoring offers 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days per year surveillance on your premises and the necessary action whenever some or other unauthorised activity takes place.

The necessary interaction with the criminals can take place by letting them know that they are being watched and that the necessary officers are on their way to intercept them. Criminals, in 98% of the time, will desist from what they are doing or want to do as soon as they become aware that they are being watched.

Remote Offsite Monitoring offers a surveillance and security system solution that will never lie, sleep or be sick, will be loyal to your every command and has a photographic memory. It will work in all weather conditions and will never take leave. Remote Offsite Monitoring does not charge for over time either.

Remote Offsite Monitoring will always have a set costing to enable you to know what your expenses are. You will have unlimited access to a security and surveillance system that is comprised of state of the art equipment. It does not need training and is ready to go as soon as the necessary setup is complete. Consistency in security systems is a major must have as this will determine if the system is effective.

With a control room that can be contacted 24/7 on the phone number 087 702 0873 you will be in control of your security systems and surveillance.

For a step by step breakdown of how Remote Offsite Monitoring works click here to read more on why Remote Offsite Monitoring is the future in security systems and surveillance.

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